Today was the final critique for the end of the semester.

So here is a tour of my pieces as they were hung.  They filled my studio, went down the hall, and I didn’t include the first half of the semester’s work.

In the critique it was suggested that I move the pieces around to break up the line.  This is what it looks like in one formation.

Turning around in the studio and looking at the back corner…

Moving outside my studio now and walking down the hallway…

Now to look more closely at each individual piece…

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Stephen Lursen


The Critic Within Is Never Satisfied.

It is so true. Once I work on something for hours, part of my still feels like this.



For this piece I Decided to work with multiple pieces of paper.

Step 1.)  I used tacks to hold 8 pieces of Arches Cover White 250 GSM paper up to the wall in my studio.  Together they are 60″ tall x 88″ wide.

Step 2.) Without thinking too much about composition or placement and focusing more on line I started my first marks at the focal point on the golden mean,  1/3 from the top and 1/3 from the left.  I continue drawing line upon line building up a network of line, all the while not knowing where the line would take me.

Step 3.) Continuing the process using mechanical pencil for fine lines.

Step 4.)  I needed darker darks, so I used a stick of Conte which is great for developing a variety of line width and value.  Also I was feeling like the lines so far had been too whimsical.  The lines were so flowing and light hearted because I had been listening to upbeat jazz for the last 4 hours of  drawing. To break this up, I introduced perfectly strait lines to literally break the whimsical lines.

And here is a detail shot of its current condition from below right.

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Stephen Lursen